Sound Affect - Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

One of my 2007 song lyric drawings inspired by early American sampler embroidery is currently on view at the Seattle Art Museum. This work is also part of the museum’s permanent collection.


APR 27 – DEC 8, 2019


Music and sound offer a path for artists exploring personal and cultural histories and real and imagined spaces. The works here range from the documentary and deadpan to the lyrical, contrasting and harmonizing in unexpected ways.

Robert Morris’s influential 1963 object and recording, Box with the Sound of Its Own Making, created a new consideration of artistic process as the artist recorded himself while he made this work. Decades later we are still in the room with the artist, listening to him hammering, sawing, sanding, and taking breaks. The work’s importance is evident in Jonathan Monk’s homage, a vinyl audio record with the misleading title “The Sound of Music.” If you expect songs by the Trapp family, you will be disappointed. Monk’s record plays the sounds made when the record was manufactured.

Isaac Layman’s photograph of a furniture-sized stereo provides a physical connection to the music experience even though the speakers are turned away from us. Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz gives Leonard Cohen’s song lyrics a sensuous presence. Victoria Haven monumentalizes a mixed tape of personal significance. We can also contemplate the primordial personification of a scream, the suggestion of birdsong, and a range of topographies—from the suggestion of backyard aesthetics to more abstract ventures.

The photographs of a Nirvana performance take us back to a historic event, just as Ed Ruscha’s little book of records charts seismic shifts in the music scenes of the 1960s, from Otis Redding and Carla Thomas to Frank Zappa and the Velvet Underground.

The Makers Series: The Art of Reconciliation

On Monday, October 23 I will be participating in the newest installment of The Makers Series, a popular Charlottesville arts platform in which local "makers" discuss their creative output in light of larger themes. I will be discussing my artistic practice as a space in which I strive to reconcile the divergent cultural perspectives and life experiences that inform my work.


Islamic Art Revival Series - 6th Annual International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art

Guest curated by Dr. Linda Komaroff, LACMA; organised by the Islamic Art Revival Series

October 7 - November 12, 2017 | Irving Arts Center


Bringing together an international array of artworks selected by Dr. Linda Komaroff, Senior Curator of Islamic Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this exhibition presents contemporary practices inspired by Islamic art, design, literature, architecture and philosophy. I was very happy to contribute two of my large scale textile collages, including "Garden of Fidelity" (pictured) and a selection from my ongoing Constellations series.

The Language of Objects exhibition catalogue

As the "The Language of Objects" enters its final week on view at the UB Anderson Gallery in Buffalo, here's an excerpt from the exhibition catalogue organized by the wonderful curatorial staff. Many thanks to the UB Art Galleries team and contributing essayist Justine Ludwig!