Collaborations and other projects

Produced in collaboration with Guillermo Bujosa of the Artesania Textil Bujosa in Mallorca, Spain, EAST transforms a traditional domestic textile into a portable, contemplative object conceived at the intersection of drawing, sculpture and craft. Designed by Pheobus Mumtaz and woven by Bujosa, EAST reconfigures iconographic elements classic to Mallorca’s iconic teles de llengües—a rustic form of ikat weaving that was most likely introduced to the Mediterranean island through contact with central Asia and Africa.

Made on location at the Monasterio de la Purísima Concepción in Palma de Mallorca, NOVITIATES is an indirect portrait of a hidden community of contemplative nuns. Ghostly but accurate, the graphite rubbings that comprise the project record a rare collection of hand forged antique scissors that were once used by the members of this closed order renowned for its stewardship of disappearing textile practices. To the nuns these scissors were tools both practical and initiatic; each novitiate was granted a pair upon entering cloistered life.

This project was made possible through the generous collaboration of art historian and convent representative Aina Pascual.

PESETA TAROT is a collection of tarot cards composed from discontinued Spanish bank notes. Drawing on the rich history of Spanish currency design, the project incorporates a wide selection of peseta notes rendered obsolete by Spain’s adoption of the Euro. By repurposing these defunct notes into tarot cards, the project presents a playful means of speculating on Spain’s future using artifacts from its past. It also sheds light on fascinating coincidences that exist in the parallel iconographies of pesetas and traditional tarot cards.

RUPEE DECK is a set of 53 unique playing cards composed from Pakistani one-rupee bank notes. Discontinued in the 1980s, these notes hold relatively little value to collectors, but remain iconic in the memory of Pakistanis who recall the era in which they were circulated. The individual cards are composed through a collage technique that scrambles found design elements. The conventional modern card suits—hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades—are replaced by equivalent symbols derived from geometric screen patterns, stars, crescents and stylized jasmine flowers imbedded in the graphic language of the notes.

A collaboration with Murad Khan Mumtaz, ORIGIN, DEPARTURE grows out of the shared experience of living and traveling between the U.S. and Pakistan—our countries of origin. Consisting of 16 unique works the project examines the most sensitive and definitive document of identification that a person can carry, the passport. Its first manifestation was presented online by Triple Canopy magazine in 2011.
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